When we talk about scholars on poems, what is the image in our mind? Is it a doddery man wearing a pair of glasses, mumbling useless theories which people can hardly understand, or a sensitive man, smiling and crying like he is standing beside the poet, experiencing the same joy and suffering similar pain, having a beautiful hope and really caring about things happening around?

Obviously, the scholars in Yeats’s eyes are among the first kind. Though born hundreds of years later, their mindsets are far older than Catullus, the enthusiastic and romantic poet, whose poems, no matter how many years passed, remain as young as the poet’s innocent heart. However, the scholars still use their stereotype to interpret the “young poems”. What a disaster for poems to be interpreted by those do not feel them by heart!

As far as I am concerned, the literature scholars are supposed to guide readers to explore the real meaning and feel the true emotion delivered by the poem. Or furthermore, literature scholars should combine literature and the current society, to extract the essence of the literature and contribute to literary creation. In short, literature scholars should be those discovering or even adding value to literatures instead of those misinterpreting and spoiling literatures.

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