The Jekyll in the musical was very different from the one in the novella. There was a better-rounded portrayal of Jekyll in the musical. They told us why Jekyll, as a gentleman at that time, was tired of the social rules and created Hyde, by showing us how his will to save his father was rejected by the moral and religious restrictions. Because the theme of the novel was the process of finding out what was happening, while the theme of the musical was why and how the things happened.

Another difference between the two Jekylls was the ways they died. In the novella, Jekyll killed himself in the lab, while in the musical, he died on his wedding. I guess the wedding was added to show how ordinary Jekyll was. He was such a normal person who need a wife and need some love. During the wedding, Jekyll was taken over by Hyde, but he was finally waken up by his fiance’s gaze, which showed his deep love for her. The wedding make the tragedy of Jekyll more tragic. In the novella, Jekyll killed himself to save his reputation. However, in the musical, he killed himself because he did not want hurt others anymore. The musical was a sublimation of the novella, because in the musical, Jekyll died for love instead of reputation.

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