The “true” value of marriage


(Sculptures in Sun Temple)

There were two tragic marriages in the short story, one was the marriage of Mr. Das and Mrs. Das, while the other one was Mr. Kapasi’s marriage. Mrs. Das felt guilty for her family because she hided the truth of Bobby’s father from her husband. While Mr. Kapasi’s marriage was dull because his wife would not even show him her body. The reasons for the two unsuccessful marriages can be concluded as one – they were not honest to their beloved one, either hiding their thoughts or hiding their body.

By using the description and people’s comments of the Sun Temple, author gave readers an impression that the Sun Temple was holy and in representation of the truth. The women sculptures in the temple were “in luxurious poses, largely erotic in nature”. They were standing there nakedly, without reservation, which seemed to show us that the truth of marriage is to hide nothing from and roll into one with your beloved one.

In western countries, people uphold individualism in marriage. They require the right of privacy and personal space. However, in eastern countries, people emphasize on the couple as an entirety and sharing everything between each other. By the comparison between what the sculptures were doing and what the couples had done, the author managed to show us the importance of traditional eastern value of love and marriage.

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