People fall in love and get married. We take it for granted that people marry who they love. However, “Brokeback Mountain” gives us another answer. Marriage does not necessarily have something to do with love. Many people, like Jack and Ennis, marry for society, not for love.

Jack and Ennis loved each other, but they did not live together. They married two girls which is acceptable for society. Ennis married to Alma because of his engagement, which is a kind of social custom, while Jack married to Lureen who may bring him money, which is the judging method of one’s social status.

Even though Jack and Ennis were not famous or rich guys, and they had almost nothing to lose, Ennis still refused to buy a farm and live with Jack, because he did not dare to risk his life under the unfair social judgement. He told Jack the story of his neighbor Earl and Rich: “I was what, nine years old and they found Earl dead in a irrigation ditch. They’d took a tire iron to him, spurred him up, drug him around by his dick until it pulled off, just bloody pulp. What the tire iron done looked like pieces a burned tomatoes all over him, nose tore down from skiddin on gravel.”

This is the unfair situation of the society, but this is also what we live and stuck with. We fall in love, but we have to go with the society, instead of our love.

(This essay was published late because I carelessly put it in draft box when finished, I have sent an e-mail to professor to explain)

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Niche travel marketing – suite smell of success or left at the altar


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