(This is a capture of Cecily’s imagination in the film)

“The Importance of Being Earnest” is a short play, while its film adaption is much longer with many details and proper supplement added to the play. We did not finish watching the film during the lecture, but some differences and appendixes can already be detected.

In the film, Cecily had many imaginations. She imagined herself as a poor girl trapped in the village, and there was a dark prince there trying to rescue her. Unfortunately, she was woken up by her Germany teacher. It was indicating that Cecily loved “bad boy” and was tired of the boring village life with piles of books to read and learn. While the dark prince was exactly the trouble-making brother in Jack’s narration. Then, it became natural when she showed her love to Algernon, the fake Earnest.

Actually, when I read the play, I was surprised when Cecily told “Earnest” that she had written a dairy for him and regarded him as her fiancé from long long ago. The film managed to avoid this embarrassment by showing us Cecily’s inner world at beginning. Audience can also get a better understanding of Cecily from her imaginations.

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