(This is a picture of a cherry orchard)

Conflicts between the past and the present are everywhere in our life. In “The Cherry Orchard”, the fallen aristocracy was forced to sell their house and land to the rising capitalists. It reminds me of the situation in Hong Kong. In the past, Hong Kong was much richer than mainland China. Hong Kong people were also used to it and proud of it. However, Hong Kong’s economy is under decline these years, while people in mainland China are getting richer after the “reform and opening up”. Thus, with more and more mainland people shopping and buying houses in Hong Kong, the tension between Hong Kong people and mainland people is strengthened, just like what happened in the play.

In “The Cherry Orchard”, most aristocrats finally left their house and orchard with a romantic but unrealistic dream. Anya and Trofimov, however, left the old house and started their new life with a hope to create a better life by studying. Similarly, I believe there is still a bright way to a beautiful future for Hong Kong people. Like Trofimov, they have the ability to learn. The only problem is whether they would like to work hard, learn more and make a difference, or they just abandon themselves to the restless conflicts with mainland people.

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